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Richard Molezzo |Trial Attorney | Reno, NV
With 20 years of civil and criminal litigation experience in over 500 State and Federal cases, Richard Molezzo knows what it takes to secure the just verdict you deserve.

Passionate | Committed

When looking for assistance because your freedom is at risk, or you need justice for your injuries, it is crucial to work with an attorney who is experienced in these types of cases.

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Fair | Reasonable

We charge competitive flat rate fees, and offer a variety of flexible payment plans.

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Clear | Coherent

Common language will be used at all times to convey to you in real time the issues regarding your case.

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Due Diligence

All our clients have access to an attorney 24/7 with the use of our client only dedicated hot-line.


E-mail: rich@richardmolezzo.com or Call: 24-Hour Attorney (775) 544-SAFE (7233)